Your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body. The rotator cuff, one of the most important parts of your shoulder, is responsible for this mobility. Comprised of a group of four tendons, the rotator cuff holds the shoulder joint bones together giving your shoulder its wide range of motion. It is this group of muscles that allows you to lift your arm and reach above your head. Any inflammation, swelling, tearing or other changes around those tendons can cause pain when moving your arm.

Shoulder pain and injuries are often caused by activities that require repetitive, excessive overhead motions which damage the rotator cuff. These injuries can occur when swimming, weightlifting, playing tennis or even during every day activities like hanging curtains or gardening.

One common cause of shoulder pain is when the tendons in your shoulder get trapped beneath some of the bone structure. These tendons then become damaged or inflamed leading to rotator cuff tendinitis. There are several causes of tendonitis, such as general wear and tear or injury from activities like those mentioned above.

Shoulder pain can also be caused by:

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